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12 Reasons Why Umstead Park is Ummm… AWESOME!

In case you haven’t fully delved into the labyrinthine paradise that is William B. Umstead Park, here’s what you’re missing: extensive trails, pristine lakes for fishing and canoeing, campgrounds, picnic shelters, dappled sunlight through trees, breezes over lakes, little turtle and snake friends to say hello to, dog romps in the streams, majestic foliage, and just time away from the day-to-day grind.

According to outdoor enthusiast, triathlete, and Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery services at Rex Healthcare, Lindsey Sharp, MD, “Umstead Park, where you can hike, bike, or even canoe, is incredibly valuable to our community from a health standpoint. The health benefits in terms of reduction of stress, improvement in cardiovascular fitness, improvement in the management and maintenance of weight loss, et cetera, cannot be overstated.”

But the real testament to the value of Umstead Park is in YOUR photos.

Here’s what William B. Umstead Park means to you.

1. It’s a not-so-far-away place to take some time away.

Just my brother and sister-in-law canoodling in a hammock at Umstead State Park . . . . . . #hammock #enohammock #eno #optoutside #getoutside #getoutdoors #nature #umstead #williambumsteadstatepark #umsteadpark #ncparks #northcarolina #ncoutdoors

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2. Where you can stay overnight, if you want.

Tent city ⛺️ #getoutdoors #awomansplaceisinthewild #umsteadpark

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3. It’s a place where you can take a lovely, epic walk.

My love for hikes, nature, and all things outdoors came from my time at @appstate. Even though I can't hop onto the Blue Ridge being here in #Raleigh, I can at least feel the same love being at #UmsteadPark. You can bring your pups, ride your bike, go fishing, or even just sit and have a picnic. It's a great spot on days like this. // ????: @mama_pumbo

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4. And along the way, meet some friends. Like this spicebush swallowtail caterpillar.

Nature photo round up from today at #umsteadpark and lunch walks at #ncma ????????????????????????

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5. And this little green snake. Let’s call him Jake. Hi, Jake!

Tiny friend seen while out in #umsteadpark I also found some wild strawberries. #optoutside #raleighnc #whydoesithavetobemonday #ijustwanttoplayoutside

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6. You can breathe in some fresh air.

Monday, Monday! #umsteadpark #sycamoretrail #forestbathing

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7. Under the dappled sunlight.

Friday hike: 4 miles + 14lb pack + all the heat and humidity a girl could ask for! #umsteadpark #sycamoretrail

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8. Whether you’re running a trail.

Trail running at Umstead with Pam #umstead #umsteadpark #companymilltrail #trailrunning #runraleigh

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9. Or taking the doggies for a romp.

Nothing like happy dogs! #umsteadpark #romeoandjuliet #labslovewater #furbabies

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10. You can test your luck out on the water.

The weekend was good to me ????…caught my personal best bass (special moment)..can't wait to top it…I know I know, you've caught bigger ???? • • • • #fishing #bass #basshunter #bassfishing #largemouthbass #largemouth #raleigh #raleighnc #nc #countryboy #ifish #outdoors #umsteadpark

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11. Or just stroll leisurely.

Hiking with a friend is the best. Thanks @batch_of_bakers ❤ #umsteadpark #pottsbranchtrail

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William B. Umstead Park is your local getaway for getting back in touch with yourself! Don’t forget it’s here for you!