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5 Reasons UNC Health Care Hillsborough Campus is Great for the Hillsborough Community

It finally happens this summer: UNC Health Care’s hospital in Hillsborough opens its doors for patients. While medical services have been available on the campus for the last year, the grand opening celebration and open house for the hospital facility proper are just two short weeks away.

The hospital campus is an anchor for Waterstone, a 300-plus acre mixed-use development on the south side of Hillsborough at the I-40 interchange, a modern spot in a small town that highlights its historic past, forward-looking future, and local charm.

There is much to celebrate about this new addition to our community:

1. Excellent Healthcare Services, Right at Our Doorstep

First and foremost, the hospital provides a wide array of world-class medical care with convenient access right here in our local community. With an outstanding customer service reputation, Hillsborough-area folks will be able to access emergency, surgical, inpatient, and other medical services without having to travel to other places in the Triangle or beyond.

2. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Adding Employment Opportunities

The hospital will provide a stable employment base in our community that includes a broad base of skill levels, from entry-level positions to top-level medical professionals. The hospital is destined to become one of the town’s major employers, one that adds greater diversity to local employment opportunities in an industry that is resilient to high and low economic swings. And with the Durham Technical Community College Orange County Campus just across the street, integrating educational with employment opportunities is especially promising.

3. Contributing to a Vibrant Local Economy

It’s not just services and jobs for local folks, but the hospital will draw many people to visit Hillsborough to avail themselves of UNC Health Care’s services. Many of these folks (as well as hospital employees and operations) will also need places to eat, hotel rooms, or other goods and services available from local vendors.

4. A New and Active Corporate Citizen

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the dedication of a new Habitat home in Hillsborough, one sponsored by UNC Health Care. It is a promising beginning to UNC Health Care’s commitment, as a major local entity, to contribute to and become meaningfully involved in our local nonprofits, chamber, and other community endeavors.

5. A New Community Landmark

Hillsborough boasts a strong sense of place, of character, of community. In such a community, certain institutions and locations become reference points or landmarks that reinforce a shared spirit – the old courthouse, the Orange County Library, the Triangle Sportsplex, the old mills, downtown, Riverwalk, our community college campus – as well as schools, churches, and long-standing homegrown businesses. UNC Health Care Hillsborough Campus promises to become another distinctive place that is woven into the fabric of the local community.

In July, Hillsborough resident Jim Fuller, a nurse in the Emergency Department at UNC Hospitals for more than two decades, transitions to UNC Health Care Hillsborough Campus, where he will provide personal care for the people he knows. Read the full story here.