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Are You In A Fitness Rut?

Cheryl Wheelock. Cheryl is a wellness instructor at Rex Wellness Center of Knightdale
Cheryl Wheelock. Cheryl is a wellness instructor at Rex Wellness Center of Knightdale

Post by Cheryl Wheelock. Cheryl is a wellness instructor at Rex Wellness Center of Knightdale. She teaches Sunrise Stretch, Aqua Yoga, Low Impact, Cycle and H20 Fitness.

What exactly is a fitness rut? Does the following sound familiar? It’s the start of another week and your favorite class is on the schedule but you’re dragging your feet to get there. Your typical fitness routine has become stale and boring. You are over-worked, over-tired and cannot seem to find the motivation. Maybe you’ve been plagued with an unexpected injury, or you’re not losing weight as quickly as you would like. Whatever your reason, you have lost that spark and feel unsure of your fitness future. Do you know that this happens to everyone? Even to that person that never seems to skip a beat. Do you know it’s happened to me?

My friends, it is time to take a deep breath and figure this out. My personal yoga practice has helped me to re-focus in times of duress. I encourage you to try this simple exercise. Set aside a few moments during your day to sit down in a quiet space without distraction, close your eyes and begin to breathe. Start to settle into the moment reflecting on how you are feeling both physically and mentally. Why are you feeling stuck? What is holding you back? How can you move forward?

At this time begin to revisit your ‘Why’. WHY did you initially start this fitness journey? What were your goals when you started, and how have they changed? What are the positive effects that a fitness program has had on you? These important questions and reflections mark the first step of finding resolution. It is important to revisit these questions to help discover ways to move forward. Take your ‘Why’ and write it down on a piece of paper. Tuck it in a safe place where it can be revisited on occasion.

Men at a spinclass
Spinclass is a great aerobic activity

From this point forward it is decision making time. You can push through this rut by dusting yourself off and charging ahead, or you can remain at a standstill feeling disappointed and defeated. How are you going to move forward? Maybe it could be trying a new class like Cycling, TRX, Tai Chi, or Yoga. Maybe you love the water and could explore Aqua classes or swim lessons. Maybe you need to schedule a session with a Wellness Instructor to give you a new and fresh strength-training routine. It could be as simple as meeting a friend for a morning walk outside or on the indoor track. What will get you moving again?

Both your body and your mind crave change. Over time the body adapts to the physical demands placed on it which can result in a plateau. This may also result in you becoming less mindful if you are engaging in the same activity day in and day out. Your entire physical, mental, and emotional being will benefit from something new and exciting. Now is the time to put this new plan into action!

Finally, try to remember not to dwell on the past. Do not let this bump in the road discourage you. All of us must learn from our experiences, make adjustments, re-evaluate and re-focus. Setting up a network of friends, family, and fitness professionals around you to share in your experiences will only help you to succeed in this journey. You are not alone! Remain positive and remind yourself of your ‘Why’ when you’re feeling a bit lost. Know that you have it in YOU to accomplish your goals, that you are strong, that you are worthy, that you are driven and focused and that each day you are creating a healthier YOU! The staff at Rex Wellness are behind you 100%!