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Avoiding Post Race Doldrums… Turkey Trot Anyone?

Rodney Jenkins. Rodney is a Group Exercise Instructor at the Rex Wellness Center of Garner
Rodney Jenkins and wife.

Post by Rodney Jenkins. Rodney is a Group Exercise Instructor at the Rex Wellness Center of Garner. He is also a Business teacher, a soccer coach and an athletic trainer with the Wake County Public School System. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette and his graduate degree from N.C. State.

So, you trained for months and completed that race you trained so hard for. Mission accomplished and as that old car commercial goes, ‘Oh What a Feeling.’ And it is a wonderful feeling to reach that goal and celebrate your accomplishment with family and friends. So, what’s next for you? If you don’t know, if you don’t have a plan, you may be falling into the dreaded post race doldrums.

What are the doldrums? It is that post race time of inactivity and being unsure of what to do next. Here are some suggestions to avoid falling into that trap.

  1. Turkey in running shoes running
    Why not… Turkey Trot?

    Before your next race, sign up for another one. Before my October 20 triathlon, my wife and I were already registered for two November half marathons and two 2013 spring marathons. I’m not suggesting that you run a 13.1 or 26.2 mile race but there are plenty of 5K and 10K races this time of year as well. Maybe a local Turkey Trot? If you have never run on Thanksgiving morning, sign up and treat yourself to a truly exhilarating experience. It is hard to find a happier group of runners and walkers. And you don’t have to run – you can walk.

  2. Social Media can be a wonderful fitness tool as well. Nora, our ever so effervescent Zumba instructor at the Garner Wellness Center, recently posted on Facebook that she was putting together her 2013 race schedule. She asked her network of friends to suggest their favorite races. What a great idea. I am pretty sure she was quickly inundated with suggestions.
  3. Yes, it’s cold this time of year so consider investing in some dri-fit clothing. Cold weather running gear will keep you dry and warm without the bulkiness of heavy cotton clothing. Cotton by the way holds on to moisture which is not a good thing. Besides, you may discover that you prefer cold weather running over running in 95 degree temperatures with 100% humidity. Or, dare I say, learn to fall in love with the treadmill.

So are you ready for a new challenge? Once you find one, you are on the road to banishing the doldrums from your life forever. I hope.