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May 16, 2012

Collin Peterjohn: A Profound Opportunity for a Second Chance

A 25-year-old Charlotte man gets a second chance at life with a profound recovery from serious lung injuries sustained in a fire that left his family homeless.

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Virulent Y. pestis bacteria (red) quickly establish a permissive environment for the growth of non-virulent microbes (green) that would normally be eliminated by lung’s immune mechanisms. Credit: Goldman Lab

January 31, 2012

Lungs infected with plague bacteria also become playgrounds for oth...

Researchers led by William E. Goldman, PhD of the UNC School of Medicine show that the plague bacteria transform the lungs from a nasty place for microbes into a playground for them to flourish.

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Illustration of a child's breathing airways

February 3, 2011

UNC researchers developing computer models for pediatric airway pro...

A team of UNC-Chapel Hill researchers has been awarded a $3.6 million grant to develop computer models that will allow physicians to predict which treatments will work best in children with upper airway problems.

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