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January 9, 2015

Orange Couscous with Almonds, Raisins and Mint

Try something new with couscous! This dish can be served on its own or with chicken, beef or sautéed vegetables. Ingredients 1¼ cups low-sodium chicken broth 2 tablespoons raisins 1 cup whole-wheat couscous 1 tablespoon fresh mint, rinsed, dried and chopped (or 1 teaspoon dried) 1 tablespoon unsalted sliced almonds, toasted 1 medium orange, rinsed,…


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Close-up of fresh artichokes

November 25, 2013

Recipe: Artichoke Cranberry Stuffing

Get creative with cranberries this holiday season! Cranberries are an excellent source of vitamin C as well as high in fiber. This dish is also great for vegetarian guests. Enjoy!


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Cooked Salmon filet with lemon slice on top

July 15, 2013

Recipe: Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon

Here are additional recipes to share from our July 15th, 2013 Rex On Call broadcast on Healthy Grilling.

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