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Does My Child Need to Go to the Emergency Room?

Maybe your son or daughter has a sore throat. Maybe it’s a scrape from a rusty nail or an achy arm after taking a big tumble from a fall.

In many cases, your first stop should be a primary care doctor’s office. But what if it’s after hours or the injury seems a little more serious? Then, you’ve got to decide between going to an urgent care clinic or the emergency department.

It can be hard to know when and where you should go in the case of an unexpected injury or illness. Here, we help break it down.

The Right Care for Your Kid infographic


Need a primary care doctor? Find one near you. Looking for an urgent care? We have clinics in Wake County and Orange County. If you need emergency care, UNC Medical Center has a 24-hour pediatric emergency department. There are also emergency departments at UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus and UNC REX Hospital.