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Health Benefits of Ice Skating

The brisk air on your face and in your lungs. The sense of flying as you glide across the ice. It’s easy to appreciate the sensation of ice skating, but are you aware of its many mental and physical health benefits?

Some may surprise you.

Ice Skating Health 1
Gliding across the ice: a sensation of flying.

Ice Skate for Stress Relief

Ice skating forces you to be present in the moment.

Instead of thinking about everything you have to do, you can let your mind focus on your balance and immediate surroundings. Ice skating is a form of meditation, a period of time that is calming for the mind. An hour on the ice can refresh you mentally and emotionally.

Ice Skating

Condition Your Body on the Ice

Ice skating forces you to use muscles that you may not have even realized you have. Being out on the ice is rigorous, but it’s also fun, so you’re getting exercise while experiencing pleasure. It’s a physical fitness activity that you wake up excited to do!

Ice Skating Health 3

Let the Blades Boost Your Balance

While you’re ice skating, you are gliding around on two thin blades (and sometimes just one, if you’re fancy). Your ability to balance gradually increases through consistent practice.

But more interestingly, many adults who take up ice skating report that the sport helps them feel more balanced in their lives. They claim to feel more in control and better at navigating through life’s challenges.
Ice Skating Health 4

Try Ice Skating to Problem-Solve

Things may suddenly seem much clearer after an hour of ice skating. Psychologists say that our subconscious minds continue to problem-solve even while we are sleeping, meditating, or exercising. During an hour on the ice, with the cold air in your lungs and the burn in your legs, you’ll feel that you have taken a break from problem-solving, but really your subconscious mind is working while your conscious mind is given a much-needed break.

Ice Skating Health 5
Make heart and muscles stronger with endurance skating.

Build Physical Endurance by Ice Skating

Ice skating will help you increase your physical endurance. This will help you lower your resting heart rate and increase the strength of your muscles, including that most important one–your heart. The best part is that ice skating is an activity you can continue to do later in life.

Ice Skating in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area

If you are interested in trying out ice skating and you live in the Triangle area, consider stopping by one of these locations:

Cary Ice Skating Rinks

Cary Polar Ice House

Garner Ice Skating Rinks

Garner Polar Ice House

Hillsborough Ice Skating Rinks

Orange County SportsPlex

Raleigh Ice Skating Rinks

Ice Raleigh
Raleigh Center Ice
Raleigh Ice Plex


Interview with Cynthia Bulik. December 20, 2016.