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My First Sprint Triathlon: Part Three

Theresa and her first Triathlon

Post by Theresa, a member of Rex Wellness Center of Garner. Theresa completed her first half-marathon about six months ago! Her next goal is to compete in Garner’s Inaugural Sprint Triathlon on July 14th, with the guidance of Rodney Jenkins, our ‘Garner Ironman’. Theresa is blogging about her experiences as a first-time triathlete-in-training to hopefully inspire others to try it! When she has time off from work and isn’t at Rex Wellness Center, Theresa likes to go to the beach and hang out with friends.

As of this post, I am about five weeks into the training program. Over the past five weeks, I’ve gotten to know my trainer Rodney better. Before this program I really didn’t know Rodney as much as I just knew of him. Rodney always responds if I have a question or concern and if I don’t see him for several days he will email or call and check up on me. I have also gotten to know his wife Angie and they are both great to work with!

Theresa on the indoor track at Rex Wellness of Garner
Theresa on the indoor track at Rex Wellness of Garner

As expected, the intensity level has started to pick up a bit. The swims, bike rides, and runs are all getting longer. I am still working on my swimming technique but I know with more practice it will continue to improve. I feel like I am more relaxed and confident in the water than I have ever been. The more I get in the pool, the more I want to get back in and swim again another day. Rodney showed me how to push off and change lanes as well as other things to expect in the pool on the day of the event. Angie has helped me with things like what to wear on race day.

I’m about as new to cycling as I am to swimming so I’ve really got my work cut out for me, but I’m up for the challenge! There are a lot of avid cyclists at the wellness center and I have sought advice from many of them. I have been on a bike rides with some of my fellow members, Ron and Shannon. Shannon even rode his bike in the rain with me one Sunday! We have done a lot of hill work and I have been on some trailways for my shorter rides during the week. I believe Shannon was hand-picked by Rodney to wear me out on those hills and he does a good job!

I’ve had the opportunity to go on a few early morning runs with Rodney and Angie from their home since they live fairly close to me. I’ve never really been accustomed to running with other people (especially of their caliber) so the thought of it made me a little nervous at first. They made me feel comfortable and ran at my pace. I have a feeling if I were to run with them many more times my pace might just improve a little bit, and that would be a good thing!

This weekend Angie and I are running a 5K in Fuquay Varina. I’ve only done one 5k and it was over a year ago so it will be fun to do another in preparation for the triathlon. Hopefully in the next month I will be Tri ready!