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My First Triathlon: Mission Accomplished!

Theresa, a member of Rex Wellness Center of Garner.
Theresaready to swim/bike and run

Post by Theresa, a member of Rex Wellness Center of Garner. Theresa completed her goal of competing in Garner’s Inaugural Sprint Triathlon on July 14th, with the guidance of Rodney Jenkins, our ‘Garner Ironman.’ Theresa is blogging about her experiences as a first-time triathlete-in-training to hopefully inspire others to try it! When she has time off from work and isn’t at Rex Wellness Center, Theresa likes to go to the beach and hang out with friends.

My first triathlon is history. It was such an amazing day from beginning to end. The first task was getting all of my equipment to the transition area after a little help from Rodney in the parking lot with the bike. His wife Angie double checked my set-up and gave me some last minute pointers. Then it was time to get marked, pick up my chip, mingle, and wait while getting a lot of pre-race encouragement and good luck hugs in the process. I just wanted to finish and enjoy the day.

Theresa on bike
Theresa on bike

Seeing all the people around the pool was a sight to behold. I was thinking if I can just get through this part, everything will be alright. I knew it wasn’t going to be the same quiet and calm pool I had been practicing in. Except for a few little taps by an arm here and there, I got through it and breathed a sigh of relief as I was off to the transition area.

During the transition to the bike is when I think I got a little nervous. That’s when it hit me that I’m really doing this. I composed myself, mounted that bike, and off I went. Since I wasn’t an experienced cyclist, I will say having ridden the route a few times before definitely was to my advantage. This was my favorite part of the triathlon and where I think I performed the best.

Theresa running
Theresa running up timber drive

The second transition went a little better. I took off running and made my way up Timber Drive. I thought my wet socks were making my feet feel a little heavy, but I’m positive this part would have been a lot tougher if I hadn’t done several brick workouts during my training. Throughout the run I was met in either direction by other members who were shouting my name and encouraging things along the way. Finally, I saw the finish line and one last burst of energy carried me across and I’m done!!

Now it’s time for congratulatory hugs, and of course the first comes from Rodney and Angie. Many others followed along with a lot of pictures. Quite a few other members were doing their first tri also and we were all feeling good for each other. It was a great team atmosphere.

Theresa and her fellow supporters, including trainer Rodney Jenkins (back left in yellow)

Thank you to the staff at Rex for allowing me this incredible opportunity to train for my first triathlon with a first class trainer like Rodney Jenkins. And a big thanks to Rodney and everyone involved who helped him help me during this process. I am quite overwhelmed by all of the support I have received.

Now I’ve been asked if I was going to consider the Rex Wellness Tri-Peat (participating in all 3 Rex races between now and October – Garner, Wakefield and Knightdale). Like the proverb says: if at first you don’t succeed, you must try, try again. Though I feel like my first triathlon was a success, who knows, I just may have to tri, tri again!