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Help us say ‘Thank You’ to Rex Healthcare

RustyWagstaff and his Wife
Rusty Wagstaff and his Wife

Hi, my name is Rusty Wagstaff and my wife is helping me write this post, I’ll explain why in a moment.

If you’ve made a donation to the Rex Healthcare Foundation in the past, I want to personally thank you, on behalf of the hundreds of patients and families you have helped  this year – including us.

Here’s how important your donations are.

The next time you drive by Rex, or walk through their doors, please take a moment to look around and realize how much you have done to keep Rex at the forefront of medicine.

Your help turned out to be tremendously important to me last December, when I suddenly needed everything that Rex could give.

It began with what I thought was the flu. At 54, I was still pretty athletic, but this was packing a punch. Three days before Christmas, with a fever of 105, an ambulance brought me to Rex.

By early Christmas morning, I was in a coma, in septic shock, with my organs failing. Our family gathered at my bedside.

This is where my wife Bonnie has to give you the details.

Bonnie tells me the doctors, intensive care nurses, and all my caregivers were quietly, compassionately determined I’d make it. Few people in my situation did. With a lot of help, I came through.

RustyWagstaff speaking with doctors
RustyWagstaff speaking with doctors

However, in fighting the bacteria and staying alive, my body concentrated blood flow to my core. Later, my doctors were forced to amputate my legs and hands.

Now, with my new high-tech legs and ongoing rehab, I feel good and I’m doing great.

So here’s where you come in. Bonnie and I need a favor, and it’s not what you may think.

We’re asking you to help us thank Rex by sending a gift today.

When you do, you’ll help us make sure that Rex’s advanced care and kind compassion is always there whenever someone in a situation like mine comes through their doors. You’ll also be helping hundreds of patients and families in need.

With everything we’ve been through, we don’t have the resources to do this ourselves, but maybe you do.

If you can help us thank Rex, please make your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more online now. Or if you prefer, you can print the donation form and mail in your donation.

Please make a donation by Dec. 10th so the Rex Healthcare Foundation can start their 2015 planning.

Rusty visits the nurses that helped him during his stay at Rex
Rusty visits the nurses that helped him during his stay at Rex

Your contribution, which is tax-deductible, will give them a running start towards meeting their year-end goal of $1.1 million and starting 2015 on firm footing.

You can give to thank a caregiver, or in memory of someone who changed your life.

If you’re like Bonnie and I were, healthy and busy, you might take hospitals for granted. But when we faced some-thing this traumatic and life-threatening, having Rex there was a blessing.

I know if it weren’t for Rex, I wouldn’t be writing this. I have to say, between my faith, everyone at Rex who supported us, and our family and friends, we have been very blessed.

You and yours may not need Rex as much as we did. But I can assure you, you can feel a lot of satisfaction knowing that when you donate to Rex, you’re saving someone’s life.

Please send the most generous gift you can.

(Want to learn more about Rusty’s journey? Read more via the News & Observer)

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