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December 14, 2010

Should you go gluten-free?

If you love traditional bread sticks, cake or cookies, you may find the recent popularity of the gluten-free diet bewildering.

Health, Wellness

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A plate with a knife and fork on it with a tape measure.

October 29, 2010

Women with anorexia nervosa more likely to have unplanned pregnancies

These results may be driven by a mistaken belief among women with anorexia that they can’t get pregnant because they are not menstruating or are having irregular periods.

Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Studies

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October 29, 2009

No longer lost in translation: Interpreters replace pagers with iPo...

At UNC Hospitals, the Interpreter Services department has dumped both pagers and cell phones in favor of a device they find to be much more effective in meeting their needs: the Apple iPod touch.

Innovation, Technology

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UNC Chapel

January 7, 2009

Babies delivered by C-section before 39 weeks more likely to have s...

A new study conducted in part at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has found that babies delivered by elective Caesarean section before 39 weeks of pregnancy, to mothers who previously had an elective C-section, are much more likely to have serious health problems than newborns delivered under the same circumstances at 39 weeks.


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