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Take Advantage of Winter Exercise Options in Raleigh, NC

When winter comes to Raleigh, exercising on outdoor trails remains an option for much of the season. Sure, some cold, nasty days make the gym the only option. But plenty of mild days make winter in the North Carolina Piedmont pleasant. Outside activity remains a viable way to keep your heart healthy.

Certified Trainer and REX Wellness Coordinator Logan Johnson agrees, saying, that ‘Regular aerobic exercise is important during all months of the year. It improves cardiac and pulmonary function, leading to a reduction in long-term stress on the heart.’

Logan offers the following tips for winter exercise in Raleigh.

Tips for Winter Exercise in Raleigh, NC

  • Plan your outdoor activities around the forecast.
  • Dress in easily removable layers.
  • Protect your head, hands, feet and ears from heat loss.

Raleigh Outdoor Exercise Trails

The Park and Greenway systems in Raleigh offer residents multiple options to acquire their recommended daily dose of aerobic activity in terms of distance, terrain and scenery.

Check out this list!

And don’t forget to watch the video above, featuring the Capital Area Greenway!