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The Joy of Movement

professional picture of Molli Bot, a Wellness Instructor at Rex
Molli Bot

Post by Molli Bot, a Wellness Instructor and Personal Trainer at the Rex Wellness Center of Cary.

I’d like to take us back to the time when we were all about 10 years old and the world was our playground. We played hard everyday. If you think about it, a lot of that play was movement. We lived on our bicycles, we ran with our pets and friends, we rode every swing and downed every slide in sight. We invented magical games in the woods and played tag on city streets. We did this because it was fun. Nobody told us that this was exercise, it just felt good.

Boy, that was a great feeling and there is no reason why we can’t incorporate some of that joy of movement into our daily exercise regimes. Some of us still play games like golf and tennis; others may bicycle and hike recreationally. We get excited thinking about these activities and experience that wonderful joy of anticipation. There are those that don’t play any sports but love to go to gym to get their exercise. I see people working out, pushing hard, but their faces are pleasant because they are listening to great music. Others are puffing away on the cardio deck but are totally absorbed in their reading material – and that’s great!

8 year-old girl swimming in pool
Swimming is great exercise!

Rex Wellness Centers offer a plethora of different classes that will allow you to express the joy of movement through dance and body movement. Have you ever tried moving to exciting Latin beats or releasing your tension to the serene music of Yoga? Oh and we cannot forget the pool! Who didn’t love playing in the water when they were 10? In our saline pools you can exercise to music or swim laps to reduce the impact on your joints and feet. If there are physical limitations the water can allow us to feel the joy of movement that we might not be able to enjoy on land anymore.

So I challenge all of you to take yourselves back to a time in your life when you felt that joy of movement. Think about how you can have some fun and start looking forward to your daily exercise program or activity. If you are already doing this I applaud you. You will continue to reap the benefits of moving your body for the rest of your life. If you are in a place where you exercise only because it’s something that has to be done, try to find one thing that will stimulate you, like music. Make movement fun and joyful, look forward to it with anticipation, and let the child come out and play in your daily routine.