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The Truth about Vaping: Podcast Episode 9


Sitting at a red light, you notice a large plume of vapor exuding from the car next to you. A slight creme brûlée smell hits your nose. That’s when you notice that the person puffing this sweet-smelling vapor appears to be a teenager.

This episode of UNC Health Talk explores vaping through the lenses of the two most prominent groups of e-cigarette users: teenagers and folks trying to quit smoking.

In this episode, Laurel Sisler answers questions about e-cigarettes and what’s inside them, and she offers some facts to combat popular fictions about how they function in relation to tobacco cessation.

Additional Information:

Laurel mentions a report that came out in January on the public health consequences of vaping. Check that out here.

And here is some important information from the FDA about vaping.

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