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Wellness Wednesday: Tips for Cultivating a Healthier Relationship with Exercise

Maintaining an exercise regimen has the reputation of being challenging. Hundreds of articles provide tips on how to ‘stick with it’ and many of those tips suggest that failure to stay with an exercise program is due to a behavioral fault of the participant.

‘Goal Setting’, ‘Routine’, and ‘Self-Discipline’ are common buzz words associated with maintaining an exercise routine. However, little attention is spent on creating positive emotions around our personal relationship with exercise.

Exercise CAN be easy if you find your confidence and passion. Here are some tips to start:

  1. Acknowledge what you LOVE about your Body: Negative self image is typically what motivates someone to start an exercise regimen. But embracing what you LOVE is far more positive. If you love the way it feels to stretch after a hard day at work, begin by exploring Yoga. If you LOVE the shape of your arms, begin with strength training. By beginning your relationship with exercise in a positive manner, your confidence will grow and before you know it, you will explore the elements of exercise, that once scared you, with renewed vigor.
  2. Avoid the Three C’s: Criticism, Complaint and Can’t. Negative self talk will bring you down. Start your new goals by first being mindful of your thoughts. If the three C’s emerge, stop the thought and redirect to #1.
  3. Start with a Trainer: Rex provides two appointments with our trainers FREE to Members. Even if you are a gym rat, use these appointments. The fitness industry changes all the time, don’t miss your opportunity to gleam knowledge from folks who are in the profession of keeping up with the industry facts.
  4. You’re the Boss: Never forget you drive your choices. Yes, the world will throw curve-balls but you can pick them up and throw them back. If you get off course, don’t beat yourself up (refer to #2) but commit to getting back on course.

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Post by Samantha Bondo, Wellness Coordinator at Rex Wellness Center of Wakefield

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