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A hurting woman, who is sitting on a couch and holding her lower back with her left hand.

July 27, 2021

A Back Pain Action Plan

Here’s how to find relief—and how to know when to call your doctor.

Back Pain

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x-ray of curved spine

November 19, 2018

One Man’s Experience with Scoliosis, and a Surgical Solution

Correction surgery helped repair an 80-degree spinal curve.

Back Pain, Neurosurgery

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physician pressing on patient's lower back

July 30, 2018

Adults with Tethered Cord Syndrome Find Relief Through Surgery

Patients travel from afar to get treatment for rare spinal condition.

Back Pain, Surgery

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graphic image of a spine

May 10, 2018

5 Daily Habits That Are Causing You Back Pain

Are you creating tension in your back without knowing it?

Back Pain

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