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Doctor discussing with senior man, both wearing masks

3 Steps to Prepare for Joint Replacement Surgery

Planning ahead can help ensure you have a successful operation and heal faster.

Joint Replacement, Orthopedics

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Senior Couple Walking With Pet Bulldog In Countryside

Are You Ready for Joint Replacement Surgery?

Learn how to know when it may be time to have a joint replaced.

Joint Replacement, Orthopedics

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COVID-19 or Just Fall Allergies?

When ragweed season comes during a pandemic, it can get confusing.

Allergies, Coronavirus

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Shot of a young businessman suffering from a backache while working at his desk in his office.

Relieving the Pain of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

This common back condition can be treated.

Back Pain, Spine Care

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We’re changing the world by working to improve the lives of people like you. Read about what we’re up to and what it means for your life.

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Close-upof pipette placing experimental vaccine intomicroplate

The Tale of mRNA

The vaccines were built on a decade of mRNA vaccine research.

Coronavirus, Vaccines

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Over-the-shoulder shot of Researcher in full protective gear uses syringe in lab

A Presidential Experiment: What are Monoclonal Antibo...

One of the therapies used to treat Trump is an approach being tested at UNC.

Coronavirus, Research, UNC Stories

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An illustration of a virus.

Know the Difference Between Symptoms of Allergies, Co...

Only your doctor can tell you for sure, but it’s good to know what to look for.

Coronavirus, Infectious Diseases

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illustration of vaccine element at cellular level

How to Participate in a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial

A phase III clinical trial for the vaccine produced by Moderna is seeking 30,000 participants across the country.

Clinical Trials, Coronavirus

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At UNC Health, we’re constantly finding ways to use our leading global research to help patients just like you.

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Young woman shows self-made mask to protect against virus and bacteria

Not All Masks Are Created Equal

UNC Health experts tested them to see which were most protective against COVID-19.

Coronavirus, Research

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Scientist pipetting a sample for genetic testing with a background of a DNA sequence

Can Gene Editing Treat Angelman Syndrome?

Scientists have determined how to overcome a genetic mutation at the center of this debilitating neurodevelopmental condition.

Gene Therapy, Research

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collection of exercise equipment (weights, mat, kettle ball, water bottle, jumprope)

Exercising While Restricting Calories Could Be Bad fo...

New research shows that pairing normal- to high-calorie meals with exercise can help keep bones strong.

Bone Health, Fitness, Research, Weight Loss

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An illustration of hearts.

Identifying Gender and Racial Disparities in Heart At...

UNC researchers are spreading the word about these disparities and starting a conversation about how to change them.

Cardiology, Health, Heart Health, Research

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Community matters. Read the stories of hope, healing and health from patients and physicians who make UNC Health Care special.

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Senior Couple Walking With Pet Bulldog In Countryside

Are You Ready for Joint Replacement Surgery?

Learn how to know when it may be time to have a joint replaced.

Joint Replacement, Orthopedics

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mid-shot of female patient receiving IV drip medicine and saline on the bed in ward

The Long Haul: 10 Months After COVID, Symptoms Linger...

Some suffer from ongoing physical, cognitive and emotional effects of COVID-19.

Coronavirus, UNC Stories

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two young siblings smile at each other

Why I Got Vaccinated: Five New Moms Share Their Stories

A strong desire to protect their babies from COVID-19 motivated these moms.

Babies, Breastfeeding, Coronavirus, UNC Stories, Vaccines

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UNC hip replacement patient J.D. Baggerly

A New Hip at 33

Total hip replacements aren’t usually performed in patients J.D. Baggerly’s age, but the surgery gave him a fuller life.

Joint Replacement, Orthopedics, UNC Stories

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