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Live the life you want. These health tips and resources can empower you to live a healthier, happier life.

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graphic of hand inserting needle into leg

Pinpointing Your Muscle Pain: Is Dry Needling Right f...

A UNC physical therapist answers your questions about dry needling.

Physical Therapy

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comic rendition of woman's eyes and eyebrows looking to the right

How to Spot and Prevent Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

Diabetic retinopathy is a common complication of diabetes and can cause blindness.

Diabetes, Eye Health, Ophthalmology

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close-up view of person holding hand up to ear

Say What? Seven Tips for Getting in Tune with Your He...

Here’s how to protect your hearing before and after you notice a change.


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graphic of eye ball

Six Causes of Sudden Vision Loss

If you experience abrupt trouble seeing, make an appointment with your doctor.

Eye Health, Ophthalmology

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At UNC Health Care, we’re constantly finding ways to use our leading global research to help patients just like you.

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collection of exercise equipment (weights, mat, kettle ball, water bottle, jumprope)

Exercising While Restricting Calories Could Be Bad fo...

New research shows that pairing normal- to high-calorie meals with exercise can help keep bones strong.

Bone Health, Fitness, Research, Weight Loss

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An illustration of hearts.

Identifying Gender and Racial Disparities in Heart At...

UNC researchers are spreading the word about these disparities and starting a conversation about how to change them.

Cardiology, Health, Heart Health, Research

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An illustration depicting ancient Greek warriors

Cancer Treatment: We’ve Come a Long Way and the Futur...

Survival rates have drastically improved in recent decades, and physician-researchers are working toward more personalized treatments.

Cancer, Health, Research

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Illustration of a person receiving a medication via nasal spray

FDA Approves Groundbreaking Rescue Treatment for Clus...

The nasal spray is the first medication approved in more than 20 years to treat this symptom of epilepsy.

Brain Health, Health, Neurology

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We’re changing the world by working to improve the lives of people like you. Read about what we’re up to and what it means for your life.

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illustration of bedside table with cup of tea, thermometer, and tissues

What You Need to Know About Coronavirus

Read this quick explanation of the basics and how to protect yourself.

Infectious Diseases

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older man clutching his chest

A Less Invasive Approach to Chest Pain

A cardiologist explains why medications are just as effective as surgery in many cases.

Cardiology, Heart Health

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shelled peanut

Can This Treatment Cure a Peanut Allergy?

A new type of immunotherapy could minimize serious allergic reactions.

Allergies, Children's Health, Immunotherapy, Pediatric Medicine

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Image of patient's hand resting on hospital bed, wearing a monitor on her finger

Plan Ahead for Health Care Emergencies

A UNC expert discusses the importance of advance care planning.

Advance Care Planning

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Community matters. Read the stories of hope, healing and health from patients and physicians who make UNC Health Care special.

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A photograph of patient Doug Jones with his wife, Letha Jones.

Quick-Thinking Passersby Save a Life After Heart Attack

NC State alumni, Raleigh police, Wake EMS and the UNC REX Emergency Department worked together to save a man's life.

Community, Heart Health, Patient Care

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UNC patient Victor Texiera rides his bike on a rural road

Multiple Sclerosis Won’t Keep Him Off the Road

Victor Texeira rides his bike 30 miles per day, five days a week. This is quite an athletic feat for anyone, but it is especially impressive given that he has multiple sclerosis (MS).

Neurology, UNC Stories

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Newborn baby with cleft lip and palate

Tips for Caring for Your Baby with a Cleft Lip and Pa...

Here’s how parents can prepare for surgery to treat these common birth defects.

Children's Health, Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck Surgery, Pediatric Medicine, Plastic Surgery, UNC Children's, UNC Stories

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A video still image showing the Cubmee Family.

Baby’s Hydrocephalus Relieved by Specialized Surgery

A procedure that began in Africa is now helping children in North Carolina.

Babies, Brain Health, Children's Health, Health, Pediatric Medicine, Surgery, UNC Children's, UNC Stories

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