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mid-shot of man sitting on exam table

What Is Amyloidosis?

This rare disease shares its symptoms with many other conditions, which makes it hard to diagnose.

Cardiology, Oncology

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dermatologist looking at child patient's face

Should You Be Screened for Skin Cancer?

What to do if you have an increased risk for developing skin cancer.

Dermatology, Skin Cancer, Skin Health

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swimmer swimming in a pool shaped like an ear

Understanding Swimmer’s Ear

This common infection causes pain and itching—and can happen without a dip in the pool.

Ear Nose Throat

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teenager lying on bed, clutching stomach

IBD in Children and Teens

Living with inflammatory bowel diseases can be especially difficult for younger patients.

Adolescent Health, Digestive Health

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At UNC Health Care, we’re constantly finding ways to use our leading global research to help patients just like you.

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image of stomach and intestines

Exploring Bacteria’s Role in Weight Gain and Loss

Research shows “good” bacteria could help treat obesity.

Diabetes, Genetics, Weight Loss

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graphic of a microscopic view of blood clot in a pink brain

Stroke Symptoms and Risks for Women

Find out what makes strokes different for women.

Neurology, Stroke, Women's Health

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unequal sign between male figure and female figure

It’s a Man’s World, and It’s Taking a Toll on Women’s...

Sex bias in research is an ongoing problem that makes it difficult to know how treatments and drugs will affect women.

Research, Women's Health

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ladder going between brain and stomach

The Connection Between Your Brain and Your Gut

Think your brain and belly don’t talk to each other? Think again.

Digestive Health, Gastroenterology, Research

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We’re changing the world by working to improve the lives of people like you. Read about what we’re up to and what it means for your life.

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chart with arrow pointing down past x-axis

Understanding the Decline in the Cancer Death Rate in...

The N.C. Cancer Hospital physician-in-chief provides context on a recent report.


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eraser marked "45" erasing the number 50

American Cancer Society Updates Colon Cancer Screenin...

If you’re 45 and thought you had a few more years before needing to schedule a colonoscopy, think again.

Colon Cancer, Colon Health

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Person using iPhone

Your Medical Records, on Your Phone

Patients can take charge of their health with Apple Health Records feature.

Technology, UNC Stories

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smart phone devices with medical symbol cut into the screen

Using Technology to Conveniently Connect Patients and...

UNC Health Care is committed to reaching patients at a time and place that works for them, and they’re using technology to do it.

North Carolina, Urgent Care, Virtual Care

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Community matters. Read the stories of hope, healing and health from patients and physicians who make UNC Health Care special.

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UNC patient Kirra Lee

Treatment Brings Hope to Children Facing Spinal Muscu...

Neurologists can treat spinal muscular atrophy with a new and powerful drug.

Neurology, Pediatric Medicine, UNC Stories

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Feet of a newborn baby with a blurred focus.

UNC Doctors Come Together to Treat Infant with Rare H...

Georgia Mae Braddy is, without doubt, a fighter.  At four months old, she has already undergone three major surgeries, one of which took place while she was still in utero.

UNC Stories

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UNC Neurology patient Russ Flowers and his wife Mary Jo

One Couple’s Journey with Primary Progressive Aphasia

This neurocognitive disorder that interferes with language abilities has changed the lives of Russell Flowers and his wife, Mary Jo.

Neurocognitive Disorders

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x-ray of curved spine

One Man’s Experience with Scoliosis, and a Surgical S...

Correction surgery helped repair an 80-degree spinal curve.

Back Pain, Neurosurgery

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