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UNC Health patient Sherri Rollins with her family

August 15, 2023

Cancer Survivor Says ‘Be Your Own Advocate’—Here’s How

In the face of a bleak situation, Sherri Rollins kept fighting for the best care.

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UNC Health colon cancer patient Greg Meddlin with his family standing on a front porch

March 30, 2022

Facing Colon Cancer at 42

Father of two had longtime GI symptoms that turned out to be cancer.

Colorectal Cancer, Patient Stories

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open mailbox

September 5, 2018

Can You Really Poop in a Box to Prevent Colon Cancer?

Here’s what you need to know about the at-home colon cancer detection test Cologuard.

Colorectal Cancer

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eraser marked "45" erasing the number 50

September 3, 2018

American Cancer Society Updates Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

If you’re 45 and thought you had a few more years before needing to schedule a colonoscopy, think again.

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