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Older male patient uses elliptical machine in the background with EKG machine displayed in the foreground

May 23, 2024

How Cardiac Rehab Can Help After a Heart Attack

This supervised exercise program strengthens your heart for a healthy life.

Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Health

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Senior man on treadmill, hooked up to EKG wires as provider tests his blood pressure with an arm cuff

January 29, 2024

What to Expect from a Nuclear Stress Test

A UNC Health cardiologist explains this diagnostic exam to detect heart disease.

Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Health

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An illustration of hearts.

February 17, 2023

Identifying Gender and Racial Disparities in Heart Attack Care

UNC researchers are spreading the word about these disparities and starting a conversation about how to change them.

Cardiology, Health Disparities, Heart and Vascular Health, Heart Attacks, Research, Women's Health

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Man sitting on a chair shaped like a heart organ

January 17, 2023

What You Need to Know About Heart Failure

Heart failure doesn’t mean your heart doesn’t work, but that it works less well.

Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Health, Heart Failure

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image of a heart

January 3, 2023

What Happens in Commotio Cordis?

If not treated immediately, this rare cardiac event can be fatal.

Adolescents, Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Health

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The Roth family

May 19, 2022

Preeclampsia Makes You More Likely to Have Heart Disease and Diabet...

If you’ve had preeclampsia, it’s imperative you closely monitor your cardiovascular health.

Cardiology, Health, Maternal Health

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mid-shot of man sitting on exam table

May 22, 2019

What Is Amyloidosis?

This rare disease shares its symptoms with many other conditions, which makes it hard to diagnose.

Cardiology, Oncology

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figures walking in a crowd, colored red, orange, and green

February 13, 2019

Changing the Conversation about Cholesterol

Cardiologist explains the American Heart Association’s updated cholesterol guidelines.

Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Health

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April 10, 2018

Teenage Heart Patient Aspires to Help Others

High school senior Sam Deacon is thriving after overcoming a rare and life-threatening heart condition.

Cardiology, Children's Health, Heart Failure, Patient Stories, Pediatric Medicine

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Drawing of person with heart highlighted

November 13, 2017

Four Reasons to Take High Blood Pressure Seriously

Hypertension is common and treatable, but also potentially dangerous

Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Health

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UNC's TAVR Team (L to R): John Vavalle

October 1, 2015

New Device will make TAVR procedure available to more patients

UNC’s Center for Heart & Vascular Care has been offering Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) for less than a year. In that time, the team has built a national reputation for excellence, allowing UNC to be among the first phase of the rollout of a next generation TAVR device, Evolut-R, developed by Medtronic. This valve is the first repositionable transcatheter valve ever available.

Cardiology, Technology, Vascular Health

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Miraiam eating lunch

June 19, 2013

Afghan girl departs for home after heart surgery at UNC

A North Carolina nonprofit organization and a UNC Hospitals volunteer partnered to bring an 8-year-old girl with congenital heart problems to UNC for medical treatment.

Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Health, Patient Stories, Treatment

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