Category: Children’s Health

young teenage boy sits on a couch, talking to a therapist

July 15, 2024

5 Ways to Support Your Child in Therapy

Parents can help treatment with these therapist-provided tips.

Kids and Mental Health, Mental Health

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Mom and young daughter working on decorating a bird house together

June 24, 2024

5 Ways to a Healthy, Happy Summer for Your Kids

Use summer vacation to shape your child’s long-term health.

Adolescents, Children's Health, Families

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two children play in the shallow tides at the beach while their parents watch in the background

June 5, 2024

Beach Safety Tips: 5 Ways to Protect Your Kids

A pediatrician explains what you need to know about the surf, sun and sand.

Children's Health, Families, Safety

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Pediatrician checks a child patient's throat while mom watches

May 13, 2024

6 Reasons Kids Should See a Doctor, Even If They’re Well

Regular wellness visits are a vital part of a child’s physical and mental health.

Children's Health, Medical Tips, Your Care

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smiling baby laying on tummy

May 13, 2024

Ask the Pediatrician: Baby Vaccines

Pediatrician Edward Pickens, MD, talks about why baby vaccines are a must.

Babies, Children's Health, Pediatric Medicine, Vaccines

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Teenaged boy sits on couch, smiling and talking to his mom

April 24, 2024

4 Expert Tips for Raising a Resilient Kid

Challenges are inevitable. Here are ways to help your child be ready.

Kids and Mental Health

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Mom and elementary-aged daughter work together to prepare a salad in a brightly-lit kitchen

February 26, 2024

5 Ways for Parents to Raise Healthier Children

Teach your child the habits of a healthy life. Start with these tips from a pediatrician.

Children's Health, Kids and Mental Health, Wellness

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toddler girl drinks a glass of milk

February 16, 2024

How to Tell If Your Baby Has A Cow’s Milk Allergy

A UNC Health allergist talks about symptoms, diagnosis and management.

Babies, Food Allergies

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teenage boy looks at his reflection in a bathroom mirror

February 8, 2024

Do’s and Don’ts: Promoting Healthy Body Image in Teens

Psychologists share what to do—and what to avoid—to help kids through a tricky time.

Adolescents, Eating Disorders, Kids and Mental Health

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Mother looks closely at the face of her young child, lying in bed

January 31, 2024

From a Pediatrician: How RSV Affects a Child’s Lungs

This respiratory infection makes it hard to breathe. See what you can do about it.

Children's Health, Cold and Flu, Infectious Diseases, Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Provider uses tongue depressor to look in little girl's mouth while her mother sits in background

January 17, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Tonsils and Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomies are among the most commonly performed operations in the U.S.—but aren’t necessary for every tonsil infection.

Children's Health, Ear, Nose, and Throat Health, Surgery

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Father helps young daughter wipe her nose with a tissue

December 27, 2023

How to Care For Your Child’s Cold

When your little one is coughing and congested, try these tips from a pediatrician.

Children's Health, Cold and Flu, Pediatric Medicine

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