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Teenage patient speaking with her paediatrician in a doctors office, both are wearing masks due to the new COVID-19 regulations and to avoid the transfer of germs.

May 26, 2021

FAQ: COVID-19 Vaccine and Adolescents

A pediatrician answers common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and teens.

Adolescents, Vaccines

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Teen girl shows off her arm after her vaccination

May 12, 2021

What Parents Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine for Adolescents

A pediatrician explains what teens can expect now that the shot is available to them.

Adolescents, Vaccines

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downward-facing shot of Black adolescent girl holding a can of soda

July 21, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Caffeine Consumption in Teens

A UNC pediatrician addresses why it’s important for teens to limit caffeine use.


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illustration of child getting his temperature checked with ear thermometer

May 27, 2020

Answers to Your Questions About PMIS

Here’s what parents need to know about the syndrome linked to COVID-19 that affects children.

Adolescents, Allergies

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graphic of mom talking to teen at the kitchen table

April 16, 2020

For Parents: Helping Your Teen Cope During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Teenagers face unique struggles as they adjust to a new normal.

Adolescents, Coronavirus

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graphic of kid smirking

November 11, 2019

How to Talk to Your Teen About Unhealthy Behaviors

Around age 11, children experience a major growth of neurons, or brain cells, that shifts which parts of the brain dominate behavior and decision-making. At this time, the prefrontal cortex, which controls behavior and decision-making, is growing but not yet mature, while the limbic system, which controls fear and pleasure, is becoming the most active…

Adolescents, Children's Health

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