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ENT physician examining ear of a female patient with an instrument.

April 14, 2021

Ears Ringing? Here’s Why and What You Can Do

While many experience tinnitus occasionally, severe cases can be unbearable.

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close-up view of person holding hand up to ear

February 11, 2020

Say What? Seven Tips for Getting in Tune with Your Hearing

Here’s how to protect your hearing before and after you notice a change.


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Harold Pillsbury

September 19, 2016

UNC hearing loss experts lead clinical trials of FDA-approved heari...

Ninety-seven percent of trial participants reported hearing improvements in the first year with the use of the SYNCHRONY EAS (Electric Acoustic Stimulation) Hearing Implant System. UNC implanted more patients than any other participating hearing center.

Hearing, Studies, Technology, Treatment

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Love monsters that are given to children at the Children's Cochlear Implant Center at UNC. Photo contributed.

August 31, 2016

The Children’s Cochlear Implant Center at UNC partners with knittin...

The Children’s Cochlear Implant Center at UNC recently partnered with a knitting group to create cuddly love monsters – a Carolina blue creature holding a balloon that’s also the center’s logo – to give to children when they reach their one-year hearing anniversary.

Hearing, Studies, Technology, Treatment

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The surgery was performed by Dr. Harold Pillsbury

March 25, 2015

Patient at UNC Hospitals is first in U.S. to receive newly approved...

Dr. Harold Pillsbury performed the surgery to implant a newly FDA-approved device that enables wearers to have MRI scans when needed. This was not possible with earlier cochlear implant models.

Hearing, Innovation, Technology

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Margaret T. Dillon

January 22, 2015

Patient older age not an issue in revision cochlear implantation

Sometimes patients with coclear implants need to have a second or "revision" implantation surgery because of device failure. A new UNC study finds that adults age 65 and older do just as well in speech perception after revision cochlear implantation as those younger than 65.

Hearing, Studies, Technology, Treatment

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UNC Chapel

August 13, 2014

War vet receives his hearing back

Dr. Oliver Adunka, an ENT surgeon at UNC Health Care, was able to get Dac Carpenter into a clinical trial that installed a sound bridge in one ear. That allows Dac to hear just like he did before he was injured.

Clinical Trials, Devices, Hearing, UNC Stories

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Photo of a doctor looking inside a child's ear.

January 6, 2014

Ear tubes vs. watchful waiting: tubes do not improve long-term deve...

Study suggests tubes, adenoidectomy reduce fluid in the middle ear and improve hearing in the short term, but tubes did not improve speech or language for children with middle ear fluid.

Hearing, Studies

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Illustration showing profiles of children at different ages with cochlear implants

April 21, 2010

For children with hearing loss: The earlier the better for cochlear...

UNC was one of six medical centers to take part in this study, which is believed to be the first nationwide look at the impact of surgical timing on the success rate of the implants.

Hearing, Research

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Illustration of a small child with a cochlear implant

February 14, 2008

UNC program that teaches deaf children to listen and talk opens bra...

CHAPEL HILL – A UNC Health Care program that teaches deaf children how to listen and talk has opened a satellite branch in Wilmington, N.C.


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