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An illustration of hearts.

February 17, 2023

Identifying Gender and Racial Disparities in Heart Attack Care

UNC researchers are spreading the word about these disparities and starting a conversation about how to change them.

Cardiology, Health Disparities, Heart and Vascular Health, Heart Attacks, Research, Women's Health

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Silhouettes of women in a heart organ

January 26, 2023

Heart Attack Symptoms: Women vs. Men

Symptoms in women can be vague, subtle and easy to miss.

Heart and Vascular Health, Heart Attacks

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A photograph of patient Doug Jones with his wife, Letha Jones.

February 14, 2020

Quick-Thinking Passersby Save a Life After Heart Attack

NC State alumni, Raleigh police, Wake EMS and the UNC REX Emergency Department worked together to save a man's life.

Heart Attacks

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Five illustrated images of a man showing symptoms of a heart attack.

December 19, 2017

What a Heart Attack Really Feels Like

A heart attack can manifest in many ways, and knowing the signs can be a lifesaver.

Heart Attacks

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Older man clutching chest

November 20, 2017

Is Your Chest Pain a Sign of a Heart Attack, or Something Else?

Never assume chest pain is no big deal, but know that it could have many causes

Heart Attacks

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