Man walks happily down city street, holding re-usable bags filled with vegetables, presumably from farmer's market

March 8, 2024

What Happens If You Stop Taking Weight-Loss Drugs?

A UNC Health endocrinologist explains the long-term effects on hunger and weight.

Endocrinology, Weight Loss

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pregnant woman sits on bed, writing in a notepad with contents of a diaper bag surrounding her

March 8, 2024

3 Tips to Make the Best Birth Plan for You

This plan conveys to your care team your preferences for labor and delivery.

Pregnancy and Maternal Health

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Woman lays down on couch, clutching stomach in pain

March 6, 2024

Long COVID: The Latest on Treatment and Recovery

Millions experience persisting symptoms. Here’s what the experts know.

Coronavirus, Infectious Diseases

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Physical therapist helps a patient bend their leg back to improve hip mobility

March 1, 2024

Symptoms and Treatment of Hip Impingement

Misshaped bones rub together and cause pain, but you might not need surgery.


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medical illustration of a blood clot in the brain

February 23, 2024

Brain Aneurysms: Watch for This Serious Condition

These blood vessel balloons can be life-threatening. Here’s what you need to know.

Brain Health

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Woman in sleek office looks at laptop at her desk

February 21, 2024

Have Imposter Syndrome? Here Are 4 Ways to Beat It

If you’re doubting your abilities, try these tips to keep things in perspective.

Mental Health

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toddler girl drinks a glass of milk

February 16, 2024

How to Tell If Your Baby Has A Cow’s Milk Allergy

A UNC Health allergist talks about symptoms, diagnosis and management.

Babies, Food Allergies

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UNC Health patient James Faber

February 15, 2024

Embolization Is a New Treatment Option for Hemorrhoids

“Game changer”: One man shares his experience with this minimally invasive procedure.

Hemorrhoids, Patient Stories, Vascular Health

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UNC heart transplant patient Carolina Warmack

February 13, 2024

One Family, Two Heart Transplants

Sharing a heart failure gene, a mother and daughter both opt for transplantation.

Heart and Vascular Health, Heart Failure, Organ Donation, Transplants

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UNC Health patient advocate Missy Van Lokeren with her family

February 5, 2024

Cancer Patients Donate Tissue to Help Find New Treatments

UNC researchers are partnering with patient advocates on an innovative program.

Breast Cancer, Cancer, Clinical Trials, Patient Stories

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Mother looks closely at the face of her young child, lying in bed

January 31, 2024

From a Pediatrician: How RSV Affects a Child’s Lungs

This respiratory infection makes it hard to breathe. See what you can do about it.

Children's Health, Cold and Flu, Infectious Diseases, Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Senior man on treadmill, hooked up to EKG wires as provider tests his blood pressure with an arm cuff

January 29, 2024

What to Expect from a Nuclear Stress Test

A UNC Health cardiologist explains this diagnostic exam to detect heart disease.

Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Health

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