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John Buse

November 29, 2016

UNC clinical trials play crucial role in FDA approval for diabetes ...

Led by John Buse, MD, PhD, director of the UNC Diabetes Care Center, the clinical research of UNC doctors and the participation of thousands of patients culminates in a new, effective, and safe daily injectable drug to combat type-2 diabetes.

Diabetes, Research, Treatment

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John Buse

July 5, 2016

Diabetes drug lowers risk of cardiovascular complications, kidney d...

For the first time, a large clinical trial showed across-the-board cardiovascular benefit of a diabetes drug – liraglutide – a much-needed outcome for people with type 2 diabetes.

Cardiology, Diabetes, Vascular Health

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Nigel Mackman

June 2, 2016

Duke/UNC Team Testing New Strategies to Prevent Clotting in Patient...

CTSA collaborative funding award supports mouse-model research. Nigel Mackman, PhD, of UNC, and Rebekah White, MD, of Duke are leading the effort.

Cancer, Collaboration

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Hanna Sanoff

May 16, 2016

Life-extending benefits of liver cancer drug not realistic for many...

The drug sorafenib can have serious side effects and significant out-of-pocket costs for advanced liver cancer patients, according to a study led by UNC’s Hanna Sanoff, MD, MPH.

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Zhen Gu

March 30, 2016

Microneedle patch delivers localized cancer immunotherapy to melanoma

UNC / NC State researchers devise a new nanotechnology to enhance the body’s own immune response to kill skin cancer tumors.

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Zhen Gu

March 14, 2016

Scientists create painless patch of insulin-producing beta cells to...

The new “smart cell patch” developed at UNC and NC State is a proof of principle to treat millions of people with type-1 and advanced type-2 diabetes.

Diabetes, Research, Treatment

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Illustration of the nano terminators (courtesy of Zhen Gu

December 2, 2015

Liquid Metal ‘Nano-Terminators’ Target Cancer Cells

The new cancer drug delivery system improved efficacy of standard chemotherapy for ovarian cancer in mice with limited toxicity.


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