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July 18, 2013

My First Triathlon: Rodney Reflects

When she completed her bike ride, she made a quick transition and was on the road for her 2 mile run. The brick training worked like a charm. As she approached the finish line, many of her team members were there to enthusiastically cheer her on. I hope she enjoyed the hugs because she was smothered in them as soon as she crossed the finish line. I cannot with complete certainty say how she felt but the smile said it all. She did it and she is now a triathlete!


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May 23, 2013

My First Sprint Triathlon: Part Two (Rodney’s Perspective)

As a Rex Garner Group Exercise Instructor, I have been fortunate to meet, observe and workout with a great number of dedicated athletes. We have runners, cyclists and swimmers who are dedicated to their training. We also have professional trainers and registered dietitians. It quickly became clear to me that we- Rex athletes and co-workers- could in fact take on the task of training someone that had a desire to become a triathlete.


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