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teenage boy looks at his reflection in a bathroom mirror

February 8, 2024

Do’s and Don’ts: Promoting Healthy Body Image in Teens

Psychologists share what to do—and what to avoid—to help kids through a tricky time.

Adolescents, Eating Disorders, Kids and Mental Health

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Two women eating and enjoying ice cream cones

January 1, 2024

How to Stop Feeling Guilty About the Food You Eat

UNC Health experts explain why we think of food as good or bad and what we can do about it.

Eating Disorders, Wellness

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pattern of different types of foods- meat, eggs, etc

October 24, 2023

Understanding Binge-Eating Disorder

Chronic, compulsive overeating is the most common, and often overlooked, eating disorder.

Eating Disorders

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fondu pot on the table is the focal point of the image, while blurry people around the table eat

December 7, 2022

Holiday Eating: 7 Ways to Nurture Your Body and Banish Guilt

These expert tips can help you savor the flavors and traditions of the season, mindfully.

Eating Disorders, Wellness

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graphic of table set for holiday meal

December 4, 2019

Managing the Holidays When You Struggle with Food

Having an eating disorder can make family time a challenge. Try these tips to show kindness to yourself and others.

Eating Disorders

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illustration of a woman hugging herself

January 16, 2019

How to Love Yourself in a World That Says You Aren’t Good Enough

Social media is rife with unrealistic images and diet fads, but some people are working to add positive messages.

Eating Disorders, Wellness

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Close-up view on woman who working on laptop

November 28, 2016

Online group therapy may be effective treatment for bulimia nervosa

Study led by UNC researchers compared group therapy delivered via online chat to face-to-face group therapy

Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Treatment

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Illustration of kid with food in front of him being yelled at.

November 16, 2015

Study Finds Surprising Links Between Bullying and Eating Disorders

According to new research from Duke and UNC, both victims of bullying and the bullies themselves could be at risk psychologically for anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Nutrition

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