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Woman dressed in workout clothes talks to her personal fitness trainer in a gym

May 24, 2024

It’s Not Working Out: How to Break Up with Your Trainer

Ask yourself these questions and then follow one trainer’s tips for moving on.

Exercise, Fitness and Mobility

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A personal trainer high-fives his client in a gym. Both wear fitness clothes and free weights are on the floor.

February 28, 2024

4 Reasons to Invest in a Personal Trainer at the Gym

If you need motivation, feel stuck or want to be safe, these exercise pros can help.

Exercise, Fitness and Mobility

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Senior woman does water aerobics with foam weights in an indoor pool

January 10, 2024

How to Exercise with Limited Mobility

A personal trainer shares ways to make workouts work for your body.

Exercise, Fitness and Mobility

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woman does a barbell clean while her trainer stands behind, coaching her

January 2, 2024

New to the Gym? Here’s What to Know Before You Go

Get the most out of your fitness center membership with this insider’s guide.

Exercise, Fitness and Mobility, Wellness

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mom does a plank on a kitchen floor while playing with her baby

December 28, 2023

The Extraordinary Health Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is good for you, experts agree. Here’s how to get more of it, even if you’re busy.

Exercise, Wellness

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child holds small weights while dad coaches him in gym envrionment

November 13, 2023

4 Things to Know Before Your Kid Starts Strength Training

Building strength can provide long-term health benefits. Here’s how to do it correctly.

Children's Health, Exercise, Fitness and Mobility

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young woman in fitness apparel smiles while holding a banana she is eating

July 20, 2023

It’s the Recovery, Not the Exercise, That Builds Muscles

Microtears caused by strength training heal quickly and result in gains.

Exercise, Fitness and Mobility

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a male athlete stretches on a track

July 18, 2023

When Overworked Muscles Are Sore, Keep Moving

Try these 11 tips for preventing and treating muscle soreness.

Exercise, Fitness and Mobility

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man rolls on foam roller while sitting on an exercise mat in a gym environment

June 28, 2023

How to Manage Cramps While Exercising

Cramps are your body’s way of telling you the muscle is overworked.

Exercise, Fitness and Mobility

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woman wearing exercise clothing sits in chair doing a leg exercise

June 23, 2023

4 Strength Training Exercises for People with Osteoarthritis

Exercise can help ease joint pain and stiffness.

Arthritis, Bone and Joint Health, Exercise

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Young woman eats a bowl of bran cereal with fresh berries

May 3, 2023

What to Eat to Fuel Your Workout

Learn what to eat before, during and after exercise.

Exercise, Nutrition

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two older men play doubles pickleball

August 29, 2022

Play Pickleball—and Prevent Injuries

Even though the sport is low impact, players benefit from training and warmups.

Exercise, Fitness and Mobility

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