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Edward Miao

November 13, 2014

The Battle against Microscopic Bugs

Edward Miao, MD, PhD, earns a Jefferson-Pilot Award for his groundbreaking work on the interplay between dangerous pathogens and the human immune response.

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Yisong Wan

December 5, 2013

Understanding Our Immunity

Five questions for Yisong Wan, a new Jefferson-Pilot fellow who is uncovering the roles of T cells in disease cures and causes.

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UNC Chapel

September 12, 2013

UNC researchers identify a new pathway that triggers septic shock

This research indicates that both exterior and interior sensors work together to detect the same component of bacterial cell membranes, a molecule called lipopolysaccharide or LPS.

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Electron micrograph of HIV virions. Credit: CDC Public Health Image Library

March 28, 2013

Innate immune system can kill HIV when a viral gene is deactivated

Study published in PLoS Pathogens suggests new target for treatment and the eventual cure of HIV/AIDS

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Shown in red are bacteria that have invaded host cells and escaped into the interior cytosolic compartment of the cell. Credit: Miao lab

January 24, 2013

Immune cell suicide alarm helps destroy escaping bacteria

A University of North Carolina School of Medicine study may have implications for thwarting the effects of bioterrorism attack with lethal microbes, as well as finding a way to save people in septic shock, an overwhelming bacterial infection of the blood.

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A photo of a pile of colorful peanuts

January 7, 2013

Sublingual immunotherapy shows promise as treatment for peanut allergy

Daily doses of a liquid containing peanut powder, in gradually increasing amounts, enabled patients with peanut allergy to safely consume peanut in amounts at least 10 times greater than their baseline.

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