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UNC Health stroke patient Kathy with her husband and daughter at her daughter's graduation

October 28, 2022

Young Stroke Survivor Now Helping Others as a Hospital Volunteer

Fast treatment is key to improve chances of survival and minimize long-term effects.

Patient Stories, Stroke

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UNC patient Alex Werden being held up by a group of friends

September 23, 2022

Chapel Hill Native Fought Cancer While Excelling in the Military

Alex Werden defied expectations after his diagnosis with a rare pediatric cancer.

Patient Stories, Pediatric Cancer, UNC Children's

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UNC Patient Gabrielle smiling, 4 months post-surgeries

September 16, 2022

Innovative Procedures Allow Bell’s Palsy Patient to Smile Again

There are many new treatment options for people with facial paralysis.

Patient Stories, Plastic Surgery

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Newborn Baby Mays sleeps, a smile on her face

September 1, 2022

Treating a Baby’s Heart Condition in the Womb

Doctors resolved baby’s rapid heartbeat while she was still developing inside her mom.

Babies, Maternal Health, Patient Stories, UNC Children's

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Photo of a baby with their umbilical cord clamped

July 20, 2022

Umbilical Cord Blood Donation Saved 1-Year-Old Boy’s Life

Donating your baby’s umbilical cord blood is free and simple.

Cancer, Children's Health, Health, Pregnancy and Maternal Health, UNC Children's

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UNC Health patient Angie with her husband James

April 1, 2022

After Years of Mysterious Symptoms, a Life-Changing Diagnosis

Pituitary tumors are rare, and symptoms can mimic other conditions.

Neurosurgery, Patient Stories

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UNC Health colon cancer patient Greg Meddlin with his family standing on a front porch

March 30, 2022

Facing Colon Cancer at 42

Father of two had longtime GI symptoms that turned out to be cancer.

Colorectal Cancer, Patient Stories

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mid-shot of female patient receiving IV drip medicine and saline on the bed in ward

September 8, 2021

The Long Haul: 10 Months After COVID, Symptoms Linger for Mom of 2

Some suffer from ongoing physical, cognitive and emotional effects of COVID-19.

Patient Stories

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two young siblings smile at each other

August 6, 2021

Why I Got Vaccinated: Five New Moms Share Their Stories

A strong desire to protect their babies from COVID-19 motivated these moms.

Patient Stories, Pregnancy and Maternal Health, Vaccines

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pregnant woman sitting on couch, talking to tablet

August 21, 2020

Creating Community While Preparing for Baby

The CenteringPregnancy program brings parents-to-be together for prenatal care.

Patient Stories, Pregnancy and Maternal Health

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UNC Health pediatric patient Mackenzie as an infant

July 17, 2020

Correcting Spina Bifida with Surgery During Pregnancy

The treatment of spina bifida can begin while baby is still developing inside mom.

Patient Stories, Pregnancy and Maternal Health

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cartoon of woman looking to the side, neck visible

April 8, 2020

Young Oral Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story

Regular visits to the dentist can help with early detection of oral cancer.

Ear, Nose, and Throat Health, Head and Neck Cancer, Patient Stories

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