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measuring tape in a swirl

December 19, 2018

Can You Lose Weight in a Specific Place?

A personal trainer offers tips for people seeking spot reduction or targeted weight loss.

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Instructor and participants at a Masala Bhangra fitness class

January 12, 2018

Like Dance Workouts? Try Masala Bhangra

This class mixes Bollywood and Indian folk dance for a calorie-burning party.

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Exercise to burning bone fat

May 17, 2017

Another reason to exercise: burning bone fat – a key to better bone...

UNC School of Medicine researchers use new imaging methods to show that running burns fat in bone marrow, with benefits for bone health. The best effect was seen in obese mice. Maya Styner, MD, was the study's lead author.

Fitness, Orthopedics, Research

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Ice Skating

January 19, 2017

Health Benefits of Ice Skating

The brisk air on your face and in your lungs. The sense of flying as you glide across the ice. It’s easy to appreciate the sensation of ice skating, but are you aware of its many mental and physical health benefits? Some may surprise you. Ice Skate for Stress Relief Ice skating forces you to…

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December 14, 2016

Take Advantage of Winter Exercise Options in Raleigh, NC

When winter comes to Raleigh, exercising on outdoor trails remains an option for much of the season. Sure, some cold, nasty days make the gym the only option. But plenty of mild days make winter in the North Carolina Piedmont pleasant. Outside activity remains a viable way to keep your heart healthy. Certified Trainer and REX Wellness…


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September 15, 2016

Lessons from a Mock Triathlon

In preparation for the Knightdale Sprint Triathlon, we hosted a mock triathlon. However, this year I went from instructor to student because several members taught me something new about the sport of triathlon. [Read more...]


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July 29, 2016

Making the Gym Part of Your Lifestyle

Rodney Jenkins, a group exercise instructor at the REX Wellness Center of Garner, walks us through the best reasons for why we should make exercising at the gym part of our everyday lifestyle.


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