Forget New Year’s, Santa Is Getting Fit Now

Poor Santa has been dealing with rude comments about his body for years. Imagine if you’d dedicated your entire life to the happiness of the world’s children only to have your abs described as “a bowl full of jelly.”

Where’s the gratitude? Where’s the respect?

Kris Kringle never let it get to him, but this season he had to admit that even his largest red suits didn’t fit. And he was getting out of breath walking the floor of the toy factory and bossing the elves around. Turns out thousands of years of milk and cookies will take their toll.

So forget New Year’s resolutions—Santa is getting fit now. He headed to REX Wellness Centers for a health assessment and asked a trainer to show him the best exercises for his goals.

Consider making like old St. Nick and visiting a wellness center yourself. If that jolly old elf can turn over a new leaf, anyone can.

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