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Winter-Proof Your Workout

Working out in the winter can give you more energy and improve your overall mood. Some research even suggests that moderate exercise could give your immune system a boost and keep you from catching every cold virus you encounter.

Here are five tips to get started:

  1. Recruit a workout buddy. Finding a friend to regularly exercise with can help you get those running shoes back on even when you don’t want to.
  1. Get the right winter gear. Dress in layers that you can remove as you start to sweat, and avoid cotton, which stays wet next to your skin. A layer of fleece or wool topped by a waterproof layer helps to insulate. When it’s cold, you should be sure to protect your head, hands, feet and ears from frostbite with a hat, gloves and extra socks.
  1. Find a fun winter activity. Get excited for winter weather by taking up an exercise hobby that you can only do in the winter. Try ice-skating, curling, broomball, snowshoeing and skiing (if there’s snow!).
  1. Set a goal. Want to fit into a great new swimsuit next summer? Set a new personal record in your upcoming half marathon? Use the winter months to get you there.
  1. Consider moving your workout indoors. Try a new activity that you can do indoors, such as fencing, dancing, yoga or swimming.