Hands holding up a "help" sign

September 2, 2021

6 Tips for Healthcare Workers Facing Burnout

It goes without saying: It’s a particularly hard time to be a healthcare worker.

Workplace Health

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Young couple arguing in park , wearing masks and sitting on two different benches

August 27, 2021

Dealing with Anger 18 Months into the Pandemic

Many vaccinated people feel frustration at the ongoing threat.

Mental Health

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Woman, wearing mask, jumping in the air against a wall with her shadow

August 23, 2021

FDA Approval Provides Another Reason to Get Vaccinated

The Pfizer vaccine has cleared the final step in the process; Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are next.


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Close up of a mature man having a nasal swab test done by his doctor

August 4, 2021

COVID-19 Breakthrough Infections: 3 Things to Know

Breakthrough infections can happen and are almost always mild.


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Doctor in protective suit taking sample for swab test of senior man. Medical professional is examining elderly patient during COVID-19 crisis

July 12, 2021

The Delta Variant: Answers to Your Questions

Here’s why it’s more important than ever to get a COVID-19 vaccine.


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Older woman after receiving a vaccine

June 24, 2021

Even After Vaccine, Immunocompromised Need to Stay Cautious

People with conditions that weaken their immune systems should get vaccinated, but it might not be as effective.

Immune Health, Vaccines

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Teenage patient speaking with her paediatrician in a doctors office, both are wearing masks due to the new COVID-19 regulations and to avoid the transfer of germs.

May 26, 2021

FAQ: COVID-19 Vaccine and Adolescents

A pediatrician answers common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and teens.

Adolescents, Vaccines

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